1. Where are you located?

    I live in Berkley, Michigan and provide in-person services all over the Metro Detroit Area.

My online services, such as The Carrot Crew, are available to everyone!

2. What is The Carrot Crew?

The Carrot Crew is our supportive meal plan community!
It is a subscription based plan that renews monthly, and you receive a new meal plan each week!

In addition to the weekly meal plan, you also receive an organized grocery list and support from myself & all other crew members!

3. Do I need to be vegan to join The Carrot Crew?

No way! Everyone is welcome in our crew! We have a mix of vegans, vegetarians, those who want to learn to cook new recipes, & people who just don’t want to meal plan themselves.

All you need to be is motivated to prepare healthy & happy meals at home for you & your family!

4. Are the recipes in The Carrot Crew kid- friendly?

Absolutely! As a mom myself, I am always keeping my 3 year old’s taste buds in mind.
Some recipes have spicier ingredients that can be omitted- and I always indicate that in the recipe notes.

5. I’m gluten-free, will I be able to eat any of these recipes?

Yes! I also follow a gluten free diet, so by default all of The Carrot Crew recipes are gluten free.

I also have substitutions noted in my recipes for anyone with nut allergies, and if you ever need/want to substitute ANY INGREDIENT, just ask! :)

6. Is there a fee to cancel my subscription?

Nope! Your subscription will automatically renew on the day of the month you subscribed, but you can cancel ANYTIME by sending me an email to: